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Licensed Midwives can issue medical directives


Washington Legislature Vote is Unanimous!

Other states which do not have good midwifery laws or high standards of education and training for licensure might be having problems, but Washington state is loving what our Licensed Midwives are doing!

In March, both the Senate and House voted unanimously for a bill introduced by Representative Barbara Bailey (Republican, Oak Harbor) which specifically states that Licensed Midwives do have the authority to issue medical directives for nurses. This is a big bonus for mothers, as it will help us to streamline their care!

Read the MAWS press release:   Bailey's bill to empower midwives, nurses signed into law.

Here is the page posted by the House Republicans, which sometimes loads and sometimes does not: Health Care News.

And here is the actual bill: HOUSE BILL 2186.   Way to go, Rep. Bailey!

August 27, 2012 - LCarr

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